Moon Books offer Pagan writers a number of publication opportunites…

General Submissions… Moon Books accepts submission on any topic from across the Pagan spectrum. The submission process is straightforward, just visit our website www.moon-books.net  click on the “Get Published” icon and follow the instructions on screen. We’ll get back to you quickly.

Pagan Portals & Shamanic Pathways… these are two series aimed at Pagan and Shaman writers who want to writer shorter books to share with the Pagan / Shaman community. Books can be up to 25,000 words and feature a standard series cover. Topics in production so far include subjects as diverse as Hedge Riding, Hekate, Chaos Magic, Christian-Druidry and Celtic Chakras!

Anthologies… Moon Books are currently producing a number of anthologies charting Pagan experience in the 21st Century. These books are being written by members of the Moon Books Community and feature writers from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia

Moon Tribe Ezine… the ezine is published from this blog and feature contributions from Moon Books members. Poetry, short stories, articles and interviews all feature in the ezine.

To talk about any of these options informally, at any time, or to contribute items to the ezine contact Trevor Greenfield trevor.greenfield@o-books.net


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