About Moon Books

Hi Everyone, welcome to the Moon Books blog site…
Moon Books is an imprint of John Hunt Publishing and we specialise in Pagan / Shaman  books.
We’d like to invite you to begin or deepen your encounter with Paganism, in all its rich, creative, historic and contemporary forms. Feminine in some traditions, masculine in others, the Moon has been significant to Pagans for millennia. Taking the Moon as our symbol, we participate in the literary Pagan tradition by publishing books in Pagan / Shamn religion and spirituality that are contemporary, accessible and creative. All expressions and traditions are equally valued and included; Druid, Heathen, Wiccan, Witchcraft and others.
Moon Books are available in all good English language bookstores worldwide and all major online retail sites.
Our mission is to become a focal point for contemporary Pagan writing… the place people go to access Pagan writing and the place Pagans go to publish. Hope you’ll be stopping by on a regualr basis… 

One Response to About Moon Books

  1. dorothyabrams says:

    Hi Trevor! I gave your blog a shoutout on my facebook page.

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